Forex broker comparison

Buying and selling of currencies in the international Forex trade holds a certain fascination for those understands it. As a beginner it would be wise for you to go into Forex business with the guidance of a broker. A broker is a person who has the knowledge of the market and its mechanisms and can give you suitable advice. To know which broker would be best for you, you will need to compare Forex broker.

For Forex broker comparison you will have to through some of the review sites that will give a fair idea of most of the brokers operating online. When you read up the reviews of different Forex platforms at Forex broker comparison sites you will come to know the plus points and weaknesses of each broker.

Safety factor

The money you invest in the currency trade is the most important thing and its safety is of utmost importance. While you compare Forex platforms you have to see that the broker should be honest in their dealing. The authenticity of a broker can be known from the seal of approval that is given to it by the authorities of the country to which the broker belongs. For example in USA the broker should be the member of NFA or CFTC which will show its authenticity and should be safe for you to select it. In European countries as well as other countries of the world the brokers get their license and approval from the authorities. While you compare Forex brokers you may come across great offers from some of the brokers but if they are not licensed it is best to avoid them.

Commission charging

When you go for Forex broker comparison you must see the kind of commission they are charging. The commission of the brokers depends upon the Bid and Ask price after the trade is finalized. They do not charge any other fee. Some of the brokers do not take any fee and this will be to the advantage of the trader. While most of the brokers who charge commission charge 2/3 pips on Euro/Dollars, the no commission brokers will charge 3 pips on Euro/Dollars on your spread.

Initial deposit

There are brokers who will let you open a mini account with $50 to $500. The return from such accounts is not much. Though as a beginner you may like to invest less in case there is a loss. The other Forex brokers will ask you make initial deposit of $1000 to $2000 as these deposits are more profitable in the market. It is up to you as to which broker you would like to make your deposit with when you do your Forex broker comparison.

Currency dealing

Another area where you would like to compare Forex broker is the currencies they are dealing with in the Forex trade. You may have particular requirement as far as currency is concerned and you will have to find a suitable broker who will deal with the currency you want.

Customer care

It is necessary for you to compare Forex platforms on the basis of their customer support. Those which are the best in the market are providing assistance to their clients 24x7 and taking care of all their questions and needs. They have to have friendly attitude and give you a patient hearing while trying to solve your problem. Doing Forex broker comparison you must know the customer service of a particular broker.

Forex broker comparison


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